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CardBound is a nostalgic adventure 3D platformer set in a vivid world made of children’s arts and crafts.   Take up the role of Snip, as you run, jump and slide through a multitude of platforming obstacles built of styrofoam, Popsicle sticks and cardboard.

Cardbound was created by:

Design & Production:


Deion Griffiths

Any enquiries about the game, please contact me via LachlantuttiCrute@Gmail.com !


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my girlfriend shared this game with me and it's so heckin cute. would love if it were made into a full game.

I cannot seem to get it to work with an XBOX One controller. It looks really charming though!

visuals, sounds, and animations are excellent. it’s so cute. 😍😍

  ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \ Hello~

Lovely game you have here! 

The art style and world building is just so cute, and it reminds me a bit of the Mario series in terms of its style and feel. I'm a bit sad it won't get a full development as I think it has great potential. I honestly would've bought this if it was a complete game as well.

I think keyboard support would benefit players who don't own a controller, so that's really my only gripe with the game. The controls were my fine for me, and it was easy to understand once playing around with them. Overall, I enjoyed this for what it was and hope to see more projects if you ever share some. Great job on the game~


CardBound is everything I like in a 3D platformer while also being everything I'm terrible at in a 3D platformer, and I'm okay with that. The arts & crafts theme it has going on is really well done, with a full assortment of objects for the world to be made from. Gameplay wise, it gives that nostalgic feeling of playing something from the N64/Ps1 era of gaming, and that's a good time.

Good job, devs. You made a fun thing. Any plans to make it a bigger thing?

Thanks for playing and for your kind words, capturing the nostalgic feeling of that era was definitely one of our primary goals with the game!

Unfortunately there are no current plans to pick up the game, we created it as our end of year project for our game course last year and have all since gone our separate ways. Although I'd definitely love to revisit the idea in the future and turn it into a full game.

Count me interested if you ever do revisit the idea of this game. You definitely captured the feeling of a classic 3D platformer with it.

its fine when i use a DS4 emulator but then i have to hold L2 to make the camera go up otherwise i have to deal with a close camera, but it doesn't stick so i continually press L2 to see what i'm doing.

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It wont let me play, im stuck on the main screen where it says press start, My controller works fine. could you make it compatible with keyboards?

Well I can get into the game but the start button doesnt do anything, I just randomly press other buttons and it works...

Sorry to hear that, not sure why that would be the case, the project is currently on hold but I'll look into it if I get any free time :) 

I wiosh it was able to be used with keyboard and mouse :(

The game looks nice but it's currently suffering from a few weird colliders (got stuck several times) and 2-3 sec freezes out of nowhere

I got a little mad...

It's been a struggle sometimes with the movement and collision with platforms BUT.. it's a cute game. :) 


What a really neat game I had a 20 minute play and did a part 1.  The whole style/audio aspect is great but you must use a controller to play to which I am crap with the controller but I tried my best.

Keep up the great work DEVS


Hi wobblyfoot! Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed.

Unfortunately we never got a chance to tutorialise it in game, but if you press the jump button while crouched you'll do a super-jump! Should help with some of those higher jumps :)